What does a gynecologist tell her friends?

What would a gynecologist tell you if she talked to you like a best friend? Read some little secrets …

No Brazilian waxing before examination

Understandably, we all want to be nicely groomed when we know someone is going to take a closer look at our intimate areas. But know that doctors don’t care at all. In fact, the situation can even be embarrassing if you lie on the examination table with a red, swollen cheek and it is clearly visible that you went for waxing just before visiting the gynecologist. This can also make the examination more difficult, as your gynecologist will not know if something is actually wrong – that is, if you have an inflammation or infection – or if you have a swollen cheek just because of a wax injury. Therefore, we recommend that you go to the gynecologist as you are, instead of waxing for him.

Yogurt can be a great medicine – down there

You’ve probably heard before that you can prevent fungal infections by eating yogurt and the good bacteria in it. But you can also use it in other ways. If you have ever had a fungal infection or bacterial vaginosis and feel similar symptoms, inject a little organic yogurt with live cultures into your vagina to correct the natural balance of microorganisms. Use about a quarter of a cup before bed, and be sure to use a pad the next day for discharge. You may find it disgusting, but it works. If not, of course, visit your gynecologist as soon as possible.

Whenever possible, be without panties

Many women are never without underwear – they only take off their panties in the shower! However, wearing underwear all the time causes your genitals to bathe in moisture at body temperature, which accelerates the growth of bacteria on the skin of the external genitalia. If you notice an unpleasant odor, it usually doesn’t come from the vagina – the cause is bacteria that have happily multiplied while your vulva has been clinging to your underwear for hours. It’s even worse in the winter when you’re wearing leggings or socks under your pants. Of course, you don’t want to show your crotch at work, so be sure to wear underwear during the day, and when you get home, get rid of your panties. And no woman needs to carry them to bed.

Every woman should own a vibrator… or two

Sex toys should be part of every woman’s bed repertoire. Over the years, the amount of estrogen in the body decreases and the clitoris becomes less sensitive – this can start as early as 35 years of age. When this starts to happen, you can increase and enrich your bedtime pleasures by using a vibrator. And there is no need to use it alone, behind closed doors – let your partner attend the party.

If you suffer from cramps, get rid of tampons

This is not scientifically proven, but many personal experiences of women agree with the idea that menstrual cramps are stronger when they use tampons because they slow down the emptying of the uterus. It’s true that using a cartridge during the day can be uncomfortable, so you can use them, for example, when you get home or at night. Another effective remedy is raspberry leaf tea – it is a traditional herbal medicine that relaxes the muscles of the uterus.

If you’re not experiencing orgasms, don’t blame him

Many women sue for not having an orgasm, and they like to blame their partners for it. But know that your orgasm is also your job, as it is a learned experience. This means that you need to feel good in your own skin and know what you like and in what way, instead of expecting your partner to know all your secrets on his own. If your boyfriend or husband has no idea, you must first decipher your body yourself, then teach and guide him to bring you to the climax. 

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