We dispel myths about mosquitoes

They love sweet blood and attack women more often than men – we attribute everything possible to these mini vampires. Let’s see if the most popular myths really hold true!

Mosquito bites are unpleasant, but not dangerous.

NOT TRUE Mosquitoes transmit serious diseases in Europe as well. One such example is the tiger mosquitoes, which originate in the tropics and have long since conquered Italy, France, Madeira, Belgium and southern Switzerland. These transmit dengue fever, which causes severe bone pain and headaches. More and more people are reacting strongly to the proteins that mosquitoes release into human blood when they sting. Consequence: nausea, circulatory problems, often swelling similar to a wasp sting.

Popular mosquito victims are people with ‘sweet blood’.

NOT TRUE Mosquitoes with special sensors at a distance of 35 meters detect substances such as carbon dioxide, which is released into the atmosphere by humans and animals. They are also attracted to high levels of fat in the blood. They are also attracted to sweat, heat, lactic acid and dirty feet.

Women sting more often than men.

NOT TRUE On the contrary, a study conducted on 58,908 patients by mosquito expert prof. Patricia Schlagenhauf – Lawlor from the Center for Travel Medicine at the University of Zurich. Men just don’t notice mosquitoes and stings. Women’s skin is twenty percent thinner than men’s and therefore responds more visibly to spots. In principle, however, mosquitoes prefer to attack people who are rapidly producing the sweat vector 4-methylphenol.

Women with menstruation are more likely to be victims of mosquitoes.

NOT TRUE Mosquitoes attack rapidly between the 13th and 18th day of a woman’s menstrual cycle. On fertile days, estrogen levels drop, making a woman’s scent more interesting to these mini vampires.

Clothing affects the ‘thirst’ of mosquitoes.

HOLD Light blouses and pants scare them while dark ones magically attract them. Probably because we sweat more in them and thus create more attractive substances for them.

The smell of lemon, clove or lavender oil repels mosquitoes.

TRUE and NOT TRUE Essential oils can drive them away for a while – but only if they are lubricated every hour. However, this is not a complete protection and not every skin tolerates essential oils well.

The light attracts mosquitoes.

NOT TRUE Mosquitoes are almost blind. They are oriented by the smell in the air and heat.

All mosquitoes just want our blood.

NOT TRUE In all 105 mosquito species in Europe, only females drink blood, drinking 0.001 to 0.01 milliliters at each bite. They need blood as a source of protein, which allows 200 to 300 eggs to mature. The oral apparatus of male human skin cannot pierce.

Mosquitoes live mainly along streams, puddles and lakes.

TRUE and NOT TRUE They lay their eggs there, but in natural humid areas they are attacked by enemies such as frogs and dragonflies. This is why they reproduce more diligently in your home garden, in rainwater barrels, watering cans or moist flower pots.

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