Water joys for a beautiful physique

Are you planning to jump on the beach, by the river or on the pool? But so that you don’t just get lazy, use your free time for a fun workout that will strengthen your body, carve out some muscle and cool you down.


For lovers of the sea and waves

Surfing is surfing the waves on a surfboard and without the use of a sail, but only with the power of your body and nature. Surfing is one of the older sports. It originates from Polynesia, where it appeared soon after the beginning of our count. From there, it spread to Hawaii and later around the world. At the end of the 1990s, it also came to Slovenia. Learning to surf is a rather time-consuming process – mainly because we have to go quite far from Slovenia for the activity. There are no conditions in our vicinity to be able to surf every day. In addition to the technique, it is necessary to acquire some other knowledge that helps to move more safely in the sea, choose the right conditions, knowledge of the weather… Surfing is best learned in a surfing school or go on a surfing vacation.


For everyone who is in step with the trends

Supanje (the. Stand-up paddleboardingoz. paddle boarding) is a fun and relaxing activity on the water where you stand on a large stable SUP board and paddle. At first glance, canoeing is very easy, but you will soon find that almost all muscle groups work by rowing and stabilizing, so canoeing is a great exercise for shaping the body. Holistic recreation is associated with movement in the air and in nature, you will discover new places and meet a bunch of people who are interested in similar activities. The popularity of canoeing is growing strongly and in the last four years it has received the title of the fastest growing water sport. The rapid spread of activity is certainly due to the fact that the intensity of sleep is determined by the individual. So you can choose leisurely water roaming, speed swimming, doing pilates or yoga, or paddling between the waves.


For adrenaline enthusiasts

You kite by standing on a board and moving with the help of the wind pulling your parachute (kite). Although the Chinese invented the kite thousands of years ago, kiting is a decade-old sport that is expanding rapidly. Adrenaline, speed, wind, water, sun, jumping, flying and much more are the qualities with which kiting on the water wins the hearts of lovers of this sport. Kiting is a dynamic water activity that is directly dependent on the wind. It is a sport that offers special pleasures due to its speed, jumps and elegant gliding on the water. It allows for endless opportunities for advancement, ensuring it can’t get boring. Kiting is also an extreme sport that can be very dangerous. If you are a beginner, it is a good idea to learn kiteboarding techniques correctly from the very beginning, which is easiest to do in a kiteboarding school with an instructor.

Who can kite?

It is important that you are not afraid of water, its depth or waves, that you are a good swimmer and physically well prepared, and above all without back injuries, arthritic diseases that can make your activity difficult or even impossible. Age, weight, height, strength or gender do not affect the mastery of the kiteboarding technique.


For casual hikers

Discover the beauty of Slovenian rivers, spend your free time with quality and socialize with like-minded people – at the same time get your body in the best possible shape. A plan for full activity, right? Kayaking allows you to move on the water at your own pace and desired speed, you will always only go forward, even if very slowly. Gently spawn and paddle through the calm surface and admire the beauties that our nature has to offer. Here and there, however, jump into the river to cool your head if the temperatures are too high. Kayaking will strengthen your body muscles, joint mobility and overall strength. It is a great aerobic exercise, and with rotating movements you will strengthen your shoulders, back and abdomen.

Tips for beginners:
– Start paddling on calm water in a protected area to learn the movements.
– Always wear a life jacket and protect your skin with products with a high protection factor. You can choose a T-shirt with short or long sleeves in the summer, and in the cold part of the year from a neoprene-like material.
– In kayak rental shops you can hire a guide who will take you safely along the chosen river and teach you all the tricks of rowing.

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