Preventive checkups save lives

With timely detection, a severe form of cancer is also curable.

Today’s fast pace of life requires a certain amount of caution, so Barsos pays special attention to preventive examinations. They are intended for all those who are constantly exposed to psychophysical loads and stress due to responsible work, leading positions, a specific way of life. By timely detection of risk factors for the development of cardiovascular disease and diagnosing the earliest disease changes, we can greatly improve the quality of life today, was the main message to FAM business women at Barsos Medical Center.

“At preventive examinations, we discover diseases that the individual would not detect himself. With timely detection, cancer is also curable, “explained Cmdr. dr. Borut Kocijančič, specialist internist – gastroenterologist, who pointed out that the preventive examination includes laboratory diagnostics of blood and urine, biochemical blood tests, comprehensive internal examination with anamnesis, measurements with body weight analysis, ECG examination of the heart, clinical examination by a cardiologist and vascular specialist , examination by an ophthalmologist, examination of the internal organs of the abdomen and pelvic organs, measurement of the ankle index, examination of arterial and venous vessels, examination of the prostate in men and women in labor, and testing of lung function.

“Early detection of melanoma is very important. In Barsos, there has been a recent increase in check-ups – both managerial and preventive, which people choose for themselves. In these examinations, we use a method called digital dermatoscopy. With it, we examine the mark in high magnification on a computer, where we detect any changes that we cannot see with the naked eye or with an ordinary dermatoscope. Melanoma is usually asymmetrical, vaguely demarcated, multicolored, larger than 6 mm, and shows signs of changing growth. All these are signs that you need to see a doctor, “advised the audience Yana Targonskaya, Ph.D. med., specialist in dermatovenereology.

Ultrasound examination of the heart is one of the basic examinations in cardiology. With the help of ultrasound, we can examine various structures of the heart, namely the size, heart muscle, thickness, contraction of the heart muscle, and we can also take a good look at the valves and their functioning. “In addition, we can study various tumors in the heart, examine abnormal communications resulting from congenital heart defects, get a good picture of the initial part of the aorta and pulmonary artery, and also determine if the patient may have suffered a heart attack,” said the assistant. dr. Andreja Černe Čerček, an expert in ultrasound cardiac diagnostics, who presented the ultrasound of the heart to entrepreneurs on a practical example.

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