Parents are too lenient in brushing their children’s teeth

Proper oral hygiene is essential for the health of teeth and periodontal tissues, even in children and adolescents.

“Children who are just getting to know oral hygiene are most susceptible to instilling the right culture of brushing their teeth. Therefore, we parents must make a great effort to internalize it for them, because only then will they be healthy for the rest of their lives. Many children do not like brushing their teeth and cry in the bathroom at that time, so a good example and encouraging words are a suitable solution for all the youngest ones, who do not like brushing. Inadequate hygiene leads to premature permanent loss of permanent teeth, which children face today soon after the eruption of permanent teeth, ie at the age of seven. Most often, these are the first brakes or sixes, “she saiddentist Aleksandra Križaj Dumić, director of the Dental and Aesthetic Clinic Križaj. 

In his work, he notices the inconsistency and indulgence of parents in brushing their children’s teeth. The latter are therefore often left toothless as a teenager, and implants cannot yet be inserted. “More and more adolescents have rotten teeth as a result of inadequate oral hygiene in early childhood. As their jaws are still growing, we cannot arrange dental replacements for them yet, “the dentist explained.

Proper oral hygiene is essential for the health of teeth and periodontal tissues, even in children and adolescents. Regular brushing of teeth at least twice a day should be started for children after the eruption of the first baby tooth. It is important that proper dental care begins in early childhood, and later the foundations only need to be strengthened. Young children do not yet have developed fine motor skills and therefore find it difficult to brush their teeth thoroughly on their own. Parents should brush their child’s teeth at least until the age of eight. But this is not the end of their care for the child’s oral hygiene. They need to continue to monitor the results of brushing their teeth and especially before going to bed to check how thoroughly they have brushed them.

“With a touch of good will and creativity, we can show children brushing their teeth every day as a fun task. For example, we can compose a song with a toddler about his teeth and why they should be brushed. Children will have so much fun while singing with a brush in their mouths that they will have fond memories of brushing their teeth. You can also listen to fairy tales while brushing your teeth. While the child listens to the story, he will brush his teeth, and again internalize brushing his teeth as a pleasant task. It is important that parents are persistent, ”advises the dentist. We must also pay attention to the correct choice of toothpaste. In children and adolescents, it is more important than in adults that it contains fluoride, because children’s teeth are not yet strong enough and are less resistant to tooth decay than in adults.

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