Instructions for use of medicines that you should not ignore!

Research shows that 40% of people take the instructions for use of medicines only as recommendations. If you are one of them, you can endanger your health!

Even with over-the-counter medications, you must follow the instructions for use so as not to endanger your health. By no means should you ignore the instructions when it comes to medications prescribed by your doctor.

Instructions: eat with food (or after a meal)

Fact:Without food that acts as a sedative, painkillers (such as ibubrofen and aspirin) can irritate the stomach. This causes nausea, heartburn, and can also cause stomach ulcers.

Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place

Fact:If you have medicines stored in the bathroom, you should find them a new place immediately. This is anything but dry and cold. Due to the heat and humidity during the shower, the medicines may lose their effectiveness before the expiry date. Keep them in a cupboard or drawer away from the bathroom and out of the reach of children.

Instructions: take one tablet every eight hours

Fact:The recommended dose is based on clinical studies and should not be exceeded (unless your doctor tells you otherwise). Too much paracetamol, for example, can lead to kidney damage, and certain medications can speed up your heart rate or raise your blood pressure. If the recommended dose does not work for you, see your doctor, who will prescribe a stronger medicine if necessary.

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