Healing flowers in the battle with the common cold

Due to the fickle weather, we quickly catch colds and viruses. We can fight them with home-made decoctions from medicinal plants with superpowers.

There comes a time when we replace T-shirts and lighter jackets with thicker clothes that protect us from the cold. We add a hat and scarf and we are ready. In all this, however, we must not forget about our health and the protection of facial skin. However, due to the fickle weather, something can quickly surprise us and we already catch a cold. Then our grandmothers perform with home-made concoctions prepared from many medicinal plants with superpowers.

To get closer to the super-grandmothers, we v Palomi  carefully selected a wide range of medicinal flowers with plenty of positive properties of medicinal plants, which we add to your favorite paper handkerchiefs Paloma sensitive care. The wipes are made of 100% cellulose of controlled PEFC origin and are especially soft for sensitive skin around the nose, which is exposed to various factors, especially in this colder time of the year. So you can choose the perfect combination for irritated skin of a cold nose. The Dermatologically tested certificate is also a proof of excellence, which guarantees you top quality and a pleasant touch to the skin.


This flower up to 60 cm high, with tiny white-yellow flowers spread over many fields, fields… Just who doesn’t know it? It is considered one of the oldest medicinal plants of our grandmothers and is an invaluable gift of nature. The most important part of chamomile are its flowers, as they are used to make essential oils, which are the main medicinal substance of chamomile. They consist of alpha-bisabolol, which has anti-inflammatory properties and relieves cramps and heals ulcers, and hamazulene, which also has an anti-inflammatory effect, and many other medicinal ingredients. Fresh chamomile oil turns blue because it contains azulene, which has a calming effect on us. Chamomile is an extremely versatile plant, as it can be used externally as well as for indoor consumption. Chamomile tea has been extremely popular for more than 100 years, as have baths with chamomile flowers and various chamomile compresses.


Does the thought of lavender also take you to sunny, warm places? Maybe to the vast fields of Provence or is it simply your grandmother who has it in her garden? This highly aromatic plant has many positive properties in addition to a very intoxicating odor that repels insects. Its use is very widespread – not only in home and care products, but also for medicinal purposes. Lavender contains a huge amount of highly valued essential oil, the main ingredients of which are linalyl acetate and linalool. Lavender essential oil acts as a natural antibiotic, antiseptic, relieves various pains and soothes and relaxes. Already in the time of the ancient Romans, they believed in the positive effects of lavender, adding it to many baths as it was supposed to regenerate the skin. Also, many believe that it helps with restless sleep or. as an aid to sleep. If you want the stunning scent of lavender,



Among all the flowers, thyme is probably less well known. But when someone says thyme, we immediately all know what kind of fragrance it is. Thyme oz. thyme has an extremely aromatic scent, after lemon, and a wide range of uses. It is used in the kitchen as an addition to dishes, as well as for medicinal and nursing purposes. The most common ingredient in thyme essential oil is thymol, which has an antiseptic effect. The use of thyme herb is especially recommended for inflammation of the respiratory tract and gastric mucosa. Among all the positive effects of thyme, the most well-known are the stimulation of expectoration and the sedation of cough. However, because the annoying runny nose comes with a cold, Paloma sensitive care wipes with thyme extracts are just right for you.

Shea butter

Nowadays, we all know shea butter, which is a true miracle of nature. It is obtained from the fruits of the shea tree that grows in Africa. Its composition is extremely rich, as it contains unsaturated fats, vitamins A, C, D and E and allantoin. All these nutrients have an extremely good effect on all skin types, and most of all on dry and sensitive skin. You could say it is “poison in a small bottle” as it is the savior on most skin, health or hair problems. It has extraordinary power in protecting, softening and restoring dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. This miracle of nature has also been added to Paloma sensitive care Shea Butter handkerchiefs for all those who want a touch of nourishing touch.

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