Detoxify the body with Kneipping

Kneipp has its roots in ancient Egypt, and was revived in the 19th century by the Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp. Let it help you detoxify your body!

Sebastian Kneipp fell ill with tuberculosis as a teenager, and when doctors had already given up on improving his health, he did not give in to fate. He opted for water treatment by performing alternating showers of cold and hot water. Over the years, the word about the German healer spread widely, so patients began to come to him from everywhere, and the method of water treatment was named Kneipp after him.

The popularity of Kneipp has skyrocketed and Sebastian Kneipp has opened a spa with a diet kitchen and herbal pharmacy, working with many doctors. He worked to make his method of hydrotherapy internationally recognized and to make people realize that they have in nature everything they need for a healthy life. He also wrote some manuals that were extremely popular.

Kneipp today includes several methods of water treatment in all three states (ice, running water, steam), herbs and essential oils are often added to the water, which is supposed to further contribute to the healing effects. Many spas and wellness centers offer a wide range of hydrotherapy options, from swimming pools, saunas, springs to water massage. Of course, the Kneipp method can also be easily performed in the home bathroom.

A five-minute alternating shower with warm water helps to cleanse the body, as harmful substances are eliminated from the body, blood circulation is improved, the skin is tightened and thus has a beneficial effect on cellulite. Showering should always start with warm water and always end with cold. After the procedure, a mixture of water, salt, olive and linseed oil can be applied to the body, which will further stimulate the cleansing of the body. Do not use milk or body lotion or shower gels during detoxification. Wear cotton clothes, spend a lot of time outdoors, exercise at home or at the gym, drink enough water (but at least two hours after a meal or half an hour before a meal). It is also recommended to visit the sauna, as it stimulates the detoxification process and helps flush toxins through the pores of the skin.

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