Change your habits for better brain function

The brain starts working with a higher gear only when we force it to do so by changing the routine. This, in turn, can lead to a surge of dopamine, happy serotonin, or the growth of neurons.

Moderate running

By speeding up from walking to moderate running, you can help stimulate neuronal growth.

Challenge yourself and try something new

If you test yourself in something where you really have to strain your brain and make an effort, you can help create new neurons in your brain.


Stress reduction with listening meditation supposed to help improve memory.

Swap hands

Try this for routine tasks like brushing your teeth or holding the phone. If you are very brave, you can also switch hands when eating and grab the spoon with your left (if you are right-handed). It can be quite demanding, but at the same time it offers your brain a great workout.

Eat with chopsticks

Have you ever observed the Chinese eating? Take chopsticks in your hands instead of forks – with slower feeding, you can turn dinner into a relaxing, mindful routine. Once you get used to the dwarfs, of course.

Change the path to work

This helps to stimulate the part of the brain that deals with memory.


This type of recreation has a great effect on brain function. Finding the right path, being aware of the space around you and circulating blood – all this benefits the little gray cells.

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