Avoid poisoning on vacation

You certainly don’t want to spend your hard-earned vacation with your head in the toilet. You can avoid this with our tips…

# 1 Do not drink tap water

Wherever you travel, always check that the tap water is drinkable. Especially if you travel to underdeveloped countries, you should drink bottled or boiled water and brush your teeth with it. Also, drink an ice-free drink and avoid anything that comes in contact with running water (even fruit that cannot be peeled). Even the smallest amount can contain viruses or bacteria.

# 2 Vegetables should be cooked

Seeds and leafy vegetables are at the top of food poisoning causes. If you dine in places with questionable water quality, choose cooked or roasted vegetables instead of raw as a side dish. High temperatures during cooking kill most harmful bacteria.

# 3 Avoid street food

Street food is usually not prepared under the same hygiene standards as in restaurants, nor do you know if the ingredients are fresh and how long it has been standing in the heat. If you can’t resist, order what is freshly prepared for you and you see it taken from the grill or pan in front of you.

# 4 Be prepared

As a precaution, you can start taking probiotics a few days before the trip, which you then take throughout the trip. Just in case, don’t forget to add anti-diarrhea medication and rehydration salt to your travel pharmacy.

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