5 tricks for faster fat loss

We don’t have miracle pills or creams in mind, just 5 factors that can affect how fast and how much fat you lose.

# 1 Avoid routine

With a varied workout schedule and exercise alone, your workout will be more interesting, you will reduce the possibility of injury, while also avoiding staying at the same level and improving your workout results.

# 2 Get ready for challenges

To increase fat loss and your fitness, you need to move outside your comfort zone. For better results, your workout needs to be at a more demanding level, only then will your body start to change. But that doesn’t mean you have to train longer, just that the workout has to be more challenging.

# 3 Use hand weights

When you use hand weights, you use more muscle than when you use devices, which also means you lose more fat and gain strength. If at all possible, choose hand weights instead, and definitely don’t avoid exercising on devices.

# 4 Practice in pairs

An American study found that aerobic exercise, such as running or cycling, is more effective if you exercise in pairs. The next time you go for a run or to the gym, have a friend join you. Some exercises are more effective when done in pairs, but at the same time, with encouragement and healthy competition, it can help you improve your results.

# 5 Believe in yourself!

You are almost certainly stronger than you think. Start believing in yourself, choose heavier weights and you will be amazed at what all you can achieve. With increased muscle mass, you will speed up your metabolism, which means that you will lose fat even faster, and your body will get a sexier, sculpted image.

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