3 things you need to know about breast cancer

Here are three facts that every woman should know about breast cancer!

# 1 If you don’t have breast cancer in your family, that doesn’t mean you’re safe from it

It is more common in women with a family history of breast cancer, especially in those with a known mutation in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene, but only 5-10% of breast cancers are strongly linked to genetic factors. This means that most women who develop breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease.

# 2 Don’t just look for bulges

A bump or lump is the most common symptom of breast cancer, but it is not the only one. Also pay attention to:

– a change in the size or shape of the breast;
– changes in the nipple, such as itching, redness or turning inwards;
– discharge from the nipple, which occurs without compression;
– unusual pain that does not go away, or a change in the skin on the breast, such as redness or dimples.

# 3 Mammography is still the best diagnostic method

Reducing breast cancer mortality from mammograms outweighs any potential risk, according to an international report from 2015. In Slovenia, the DORA program encourages women between the ages of 50 and 70 to have free mammograms every two years, as research shows that the screening program is the most effective in this age group.

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