3 benefits of proper breathing

Proper breathing is not as self-evident as you might think. We present three reasons why you should make an effort and (breathe) properly.

Strengthens the abdominal muscles

You may find it strange to push your belly out when you inhale, but we promise you won’t nullify the hard work and all those sit-ups. In fact, proper diaphragmatic breathing acts as an exercise for the middle part of the body. 80% of your lungs are located at the sides and back, where they surround the abdominal muscles, and breathing through the diaphragm gives the muscles the ability to move.

Reduces stress

This type of conscious diaphragmatic breathing is active meditation. When you breathe with your lower body, fill your body with oxygen and relax in a natural way. Conscious breathing, however, diverts your thoughts away from worries or other things that otherwise weigh you down.

Tame an upset stomach

Instead of reaching for a stomach acid inhibitor, you should employ your lungs to work at full steam. By breathing with your upper body, your middle body remains motionless when it should be active. By moving your breathing down, you also stimulate your digestive system.

Proper breathing has many other benefits, so it is important to take it you optimize. Take actionof our plan and learn proper breathing in 14 days!

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